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Salicru USB/RS232 Card TWIN PRO2 - Zwart,Groen

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Salicru USB/RS232 Card TWIN PRO2 - Zwart,Groen kenmerken


Salicru 699OP000031, Netwerkbeheerkaart, Zwart, Groen, RS-232, USB 2.0 Type-B

SOFTWARE USB/RS-232 Management, monitoring and ordered closure
UPS-PC communication

The main function that we require from an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect a computer, is that in case of any electrical problem, power cut, peak voltage or line drop, the UPS protects us and continues to supply power to our computer either from the batteries or by voltage regulation. However, the autonomy of the batteries is limited in time, so our computer will shut down abruptly when battery storage capacity has run out. This autonomy will depend on the power of our UPS and the load that supports it, therefore, we need to shut down/ suspend our computer correctly before this occurs. The complete discharge of the batteries can occur at 8 minutes or 2 hours depending on the load that supports the UPS or battery capacity that we have.

What do we have to do and how do we turn our computer off/suspend it before the batteries run out?
First, connect the USB cable between UPS and Computer. If our UPS has a USB UPSHID function, this will recognise the UPS as if our computer had a battery fully integrated with the operating system, enabling its power functions without requiring any type of software. Therefore, if we only need the computer to be shut down/suspended according to the power configuration of our operating system, this is the best choice.

However, if we want to have additional features, such as sending alerts via e-mail, having an event log, or recording measurements, adjusting UPS parameters, etc., software must be installed for our particular UPS model.

Software Winpower
Winpower is a powerful UPS monitoring software, which provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to monitor and control the UPS device. The software provides complete protection for the computer system during a power failure. With this software, users can monitor the status of the UPS in the same LAN. Any UPS can also perform controlled shutdown of other computers in the same LAN.

Compatible with series: SPS Soho+ / SLC Twin Pro2 (0.7-3 kVA)

Available operating systems: MAC / Windows / Linux / VMware / Citrix XenServer

Software Viewpower
Viewpower is an advanced software for the administration and management of the UPS. It allows remote monitoring and remote administration of one to several UPS devices in a network environment, either LAN or internet. It also provides statistical information on events and measures. Viewpower is the solution for managing the controlled shutdown of our computer system and preventing the loss of data.

Compatible with series: SPS Advance RT2 / SLC Twin RT2 / SLC Twin Pro2 (4-20 kVA) / SLC Cube3+

Available operating systems: MAC / Windows / Linux / VMware

UPS monitoring software, Powermaster is ideal for IT professionals to supervise and manage their UPS. It provides an orderly and unattended shutdown of network computers connected to the UPS during a power failure. Power alert notifications can be sent by e-mail. This software allows users remote access (from any PC in the local network with a web browser).

Compatible with series: SPS Home / SPS Advance T / SPS Advance R

Available operating systems: MAC / Windows / Linux

This function is incorporated in the operating system and detects the UPS as an additional battery to our computer system, allowing management from the operating system's power menu. Allowing you to turn off the computer or hibernate it after x minutes if you are working in battery mode.

Compatible with series: SPS Home / SPS Soho+ / SPS Advance T / SPS Advance R / SPS Advance RT2 / SLC Twin RT2 / SLC Twin Pro2 (0.7-3 kVA)

Available operating systems: MAC / Windows / Linux