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Edimax AI-1001W V3 Temperatuur en luchtvochtigheids sensor

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Edimax AI-1001W V3 Temperatuur en luchtvochtigheids sensor kenmerken

Smart Wireless Air Quality Detector with PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Edimax AI-1001W V3, 150 mm, 47 mm, 110 mm, 210 g, -10 - 60 °C

Breathe Better, Live Better Do you know what you’re breathing? Air pollution has received significant national and local attention and has become one of the top concerns across the globe. The composition of PM2.5 is relatively complex, including direct emissions of fine particles of the combustion process (primary PM2.5 particles), and secondary particles generated by multiphase chemical reactions of atmospheric pollutants. Mass manufacturing, heavy industry, burning fossil fuels and the use of agricultural chemicals are contributing to rising levels of harmful PM2.5 particles in the air.
​Recent WHO estimates put the annual death toll from air-pollution related conditions at around 7 million people. And the figure is forecasted to keep rising. Recommend average annual PM2.5 levels are around 10 μg/m3, but developing countries often exceed 30 – 40 μg/m3 and an increase of just 5 μg/m3 can increase risk of cardiovascular disease by 55%. According to the WHO, air pollution is the world’s single greatest environmental health risk.

Modular Sensor Designed for Easy Maintenance The AI-1001W V3 adapts a slide-in PM2.5 modular sensor design to help users check and change the sensor on their own.

Air Quality Detection with Real-time Data Accurate real-time automatic monitoring of PM2.5, temperature and humidity, with intuitive displays and real-time air-quality data delivered by the free EdiGreen mobile companion app.

Air Quality Monitoring The AI-1001W V3 works with EdiGreen to provide an air quality monitoring solution which is comprised of emission identification and traceability, and device management support. This solution enables the decision makers to make effective and timely decisions to enforce regulations, and foster environment management operational excellence.

The key technology differentiations of this solution include: - Leverage data assimilation to combine at best different sources including, weather data and geographical data, then get high-accuracy air quality forecasting.
- Anomaly Detection enables system to get the device anomaly status to arrange the resource to solve the problem.

Big Data & Cloud Architecture. The air quality data is collected, processed and analyzed in Edimax’s advanced cloud system. Historical data across different locations are checked to understand trends, identify pollution spots or observe improvements during a period of time, and sourcing up-to-date hyperlocal data from EdiGreen sensors deployed around your city.

EPA Reports Compared with other EPA approved equipment, the EdiGreen PM sensor achieved a steady and accurate ratio reading within the USA, Taiwan, Korea and UAE. Please find more details of the field evaluation report of Edimax (Edimax AirBox / Edimax EdiGreen Home ) from the Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center (AQ-SPEC) program, which is established by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SC-AQMD).

About Edimax EdiGreen Air Quality Monitoring Solution Edimax is a pioneer and expert in sensor-to-the-cloud IoT solutions designed to be compatible with various IoT applications. The AI-1001W V3 with EdiGreen Cloud Services provides secure, adaptive and customizable cloud architecture that offers visualized data, device tracking/ranking, and enterprise-grade management system and wireless network infrastructure for future expansions to more Smart City applications. ​

- Must be in locations with good air circulation.
- Must be vertically positioned for proper air intake to achieve cross ventilation.
- The air inlet must be kept clear and should be rechecked regularly.
- Must be in locations close to a power supply and have good Wi-Fi internet signal capable of connecting to the Internet.
- Must be in well ventilated semi-outdoor spaces such as eaves of a house, verandah, balcony, porch, covered patios, etc..
- Must not be installed in locations that are subject to extremes of humidity or temperature such as near fire or other heat sources.
- Must not be installed in locations that are subject to extreme weather conditions such as typhoon, heavy rain or dust storm; or it must be sheltered from the conditions.
- Must not be installed in locations directly exposed to sunlight or reflected light source.
- Must not be installed in corrosive environments such as in environments with salty, acidic or basic air, or places with storage of corrosive liquids.
- Must be placed at least 100cm above ground.
- Do not inject gas, contaminants, or smoke directly into the unit.
- It is recommended to keep a 150m distance between each unit to achieve map positioning and air quality data accuracy.