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Spaun SPAROS 777 Touch

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Spaun SPAROS 777 Touch kenmerken

5 - 2200 MHz, 50 kHz, HP/LP, DVB-T/T2, 0,1dB, 15 V, 5 A, 250 x 185 x 65 mm

Spaun SPAROS 777 Touch, 5 - 2200 MHz, LCD, 75 Ohm, 15 V, 5 A, 250 mm

Extensive depiction of the various menu items The home screen displays an overview of various menu
items, which may then be selected directly.
This enables the user to operate the measurement
device easily.

Signal level measurement SPAROS provides the measurement clearly laid out and logically on the 7“ LCD touchscreen. All measurement values are provided to the user at a glance. Level, C/N, bit error rate before and after the correction, lost data packets, and the MER, off course. The system reserve of the system is displayed via the measurement value LKM. Furthermore, the spectrum of the selected measuring transponder is shown in the display. With the help of the „auto lock“ function, the user is able to check the correct symbol rate and modulation type of the measurement device if they need to see this again.

Spectrum analysis Using the spectrum analysis is an extremely helpful function for set-up and troubleshooting within a receiver system. Either the complete bandwidth of the signal or just a certain part of the signal may be viewed here. Different pre-defined zoom factors enable various bandwidths for viewing the signal. This applies to the terrestrial frequency range and for the SAT IF range.

Autoscan The autoscan menu function enables an automatic channel search in the receiver system. After the receiver parameters have been specified by the user, the measurement device only searches for channels that meet the user‘s specifications. After the search is completed, all of the frequencies detected are saved and are available at any time for measurements.

Constellation diagram The constellation diagram shows the digital signals graphically across a specific period of times. If no transmission errors are present, the data are recognised by the measurement device without any problems and then appear in the diagram as defined points in the corresponding quadrants. Transmission errors cause the points to be „scattered“ around
the centre and not displayed in the centre of the quadrants. The density of the points is displayed via various colours.

Echo measurement With the help of this menu, the user can align a DVB-T antenna quickly and reliably. Due to the multipath reception of DVB-T transmission, the antenna must be aligned at the receiving location so that the reflections do not impair reception. The echo measurement supports the user in this case.

Remote supply voltage The remote supply voltage menu enables the user to set the SPAROS specifically according to the environment of the receiver device. In the SAT range, DiSEqC is supported for reception up to 64 positions. Of course, SCR (single-cable commands) remains as per EN 50494 and the new standard EN 50607 (SCD2). For the terrestrial range, pre-defined direct voltages between 5 and 24 volts are available.

CheckSA The CheckSat function helps during the initial rough alignment of the satellite antenna. In this case, the signal strength and the signal quality are evaluated by four defined measurement transponders for an orbit position and displayed. If all 4 transponders are available, then the user can be sure that the antenna reflectors are aligned with the right orbit position. Follow-up fine adjustments may still be made via the MER.

- All modulation types DVB-S/S2, DVB-C/C2 and DVB-T/T2 are supported
- Operation with a 7“ LCD touch screen
- Split screen for the simultaneous figure of measurements and spectrum
- Powerful lithium-ion battery with a duration of up to 2 hours
- TV picture mode for digital (MPEG4 - H.264 and MPEG2) FTA TV programs
- Fast spectrum analyses
- CheckSAT mode with NIT analyses
- Constellation diagram for all digital types of modulation
- Real time echoes and pre-echoes measurement in DVB-T/T2 modulation
- Ethernet and USB interface