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  • The Piergiacomi Sud s.r.l. was founded in 1979 thanks to the intuition and experience gained by the founder members in the company they inherited from their parents, a company that was founded in 1923. This company, still operating, occupies an important place in the supply of industrial equipment and raw materials.The intention of the new company was to develop an idea that was born about three years earlier. The founders were convinced that certain tools, used in the then new sector of electronics applied to musical instruments - a very important one for the economy of the area - could be made with other materials and techniques, with enormous advantages, above all as far as cost was concerned, with respect to those used at the time and imported from Switzerland, Germany and the U.S.A. From that time Piergiacomi has developed widely, becoming the leader in its field in the manufacture of hand tools, in shearing, in electronics and in parts, in the electro-technical field. In fact no other manufacturer has a range of tools as wide as Piergiacomi: more than 400 different types of tools, well known and sought after by the industrial electronics market worldwide under the name of “Piergiacomi Quality Handtools”. Furthermore, with a view to a more professional outlook and also to diversify the range, since 15 years, vast investments have been made in order to develop brand new lines of products. In fact today Piergiacomi is also a manufacturer of a series of automatic machines for PCB and electronic circuits “Piergiacomi Robotics”, of work benches and of measuring miroscopes.
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    Piergiacomi PG-PST0.5 Stripping gereedschap - Zwart,Geel
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