Avaya IP Office 500 Trunk Card Primary Rate 1 Universal Interfaceadapter - Zwart,Groen

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Avaya IP Office 500 Trunk Card Primary Rate 1 Universal Interfaceadapter - Zwart,Groen kenmerken

IP Office 500 Trunk Card Primary Rate 1 Universal

Avaya 700417439, Zwart, Groen

This card can be added to an IP500 base card to provide that card with support for PRI trunks. The card is available in single port or dual port variants.

This card can be fitted to any IP500 base card except the IP500 Legacy Carrier card and IP500 4-Port Expansion card.

- Ports/Channels
- 1 or 2 PRI trunk ports. Each port supports the following PRI line types. On dual port cards both ports will be the same line type. The line type selection can be changed using IP Office Manager.
- E1 PRI (30B+D channels per port).
- E1R2 PRI (30B channels per port).
- T1 robbed bit (24B channels per port) or T1 PRI (23B+D channels per port).
- When installed in IP500 with a U-Law Feature Key dongle, the card will default T1 PRI mode. When installed in an IP500 with an A-Law Feature Key dongle the card will default to E1 PRI mode. The required mode can be selected within IP Office Manager by right-clicking on the line icon and selecting Change Universal PRI Card Line Type and then selecting the required line type.
- Physical trunk connection is via ports 9 and 10 of the host IP500 base card.
- Port 11 and 12 can be used as test points for connection of test and monitoring equipment for the adjacent port.
- Licenses
- The IP Office system supports 8 unlicensed B-channels on each IP500 PRI-U port fitted. Additional B-channels, up to the capacity of ports installed and PRI mode selected require IP500 Universal PRI (Additional Channels) licenses added to the configuration. These additional channels consume the licenses based on which additional channels are configured as in-service from port 9 of slot 1 upwards. D-channels are not affected by licensing.
- Maximum per IP500 Control Unit: 4.
- Software Level: 4.1+.