Brodit 511848 Houder - Zwart

Productcode: 511848  |  EAN/UPC: 7320285118485

Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
Brodit 511848 Houders
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Brodit 511848 Houder - Zwart kenmerken

Passive holder with tilt swivel

Brodit 511848, Mobiele telefoon/Smartphone, tablet/UMPC, Passieve houder, Auto, Zwart

Adjustable holder. Fits devices with Height: 120-150 mm.

Adjustable holder. Fits devices with or without skin. Height: 120-150 mm.

With your surfpad in a holder attached in your car you will always have it within easy reach. Safe, neat and convenient! You can connect e.g. a charging cable to the surfpad when it is in the holder.The holder is mounted onto a tilt swivel so you can adjust the angle.

Features The adjustable holder fits surfpads between 120 to 150 mm in height and most surfpads with or without case up to 25 mm at its thickest spot. Measure your device and compare with the holder specifications in order to make sure you have chosen the correct product. The top and bottom arms have padded cushions for added friction to ensure your surfpad stays as still as possible in the holder.

Important Tablets should not be installed onto a car’s dashboard if they block the view or block key controls. The ProClip is designed for installation of smaller devices (phones), not for large devices (tablets). If you want to place a tablet onto the car’s dashboard, each combination of tablet-car must be examined in detail by you in order to determine if such an installation is possible in the specific case. Consideration should be given to the position and how firmly the ProClip is in place, as well as the size of the tablet you wish to use. Brodit will not give any recommendations for such installations.

An installation of a tablet onto a vehicle’s dashboard is always done on the customer’s own responsibility. Brodit recommends to use tablets on the car’s headrest, installed onto a Brodit headrest mount.