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    Gemalto smart kaart lezer: IDBridge CT30 USB smartcard reader - Doorschijnend
      The Gemalto IDBridge CT30 (PC Twin USB (TR) is a smart card reader that is transparent in design allowing you to see the card once it has been inserted. This smart card reader comes with many innovative features including a non-removable cable which helps eliminate smart card reader unplugs while still allowing multiple (USB or Serial) connections. If your business requires a smart card framework to ensure secure logical access and the protection of systems and applications, the Gemalto...
    16,- excl. btw
    19,36 incl.btw
    Voorraad 13
    Gratis verzending
    Gemalto smart kaart lezer: IDBridge CT40 USB smartcard reader, Slimline
      With its tamper evident casing and slim line design the IDBridge CT40 (PC USB-SL) is a quality and reliable smart card reader for use with all major operating systems and PCs. The USB smart card reader is designed for plug and play connectivity and quick communication between the card reader and computer ensuring fast installation and ease of use. The Gemalto IDBridge CT40 is a smart card reader which is suitable even for businesses with the most robust smart card needs including...
    25,- excl. btw
    30,25 incl.btw
    Voorraad 25
    Gratis verzending
    Zyxel : GS1920-24HP 24-port GbE Smart Managed PoE Switch / 24 x GbE PoE RJ-45 ports / 4 x GbE combo (RJ-45/SFP) ports - .....
      ZyXEL GS1920-24HP 24-port GbE Smart Managed PoE Switch / 24 x GbE PoE RJ-45 ports / 4 x GbE combo (RJ-45 / SFP) ports
    459,- excl. btw
    555,39 incl.btw
    Gratis verzending
    Gemalto : IDBridge CL3000 dual interface reader
      If you require a smart card reader for physical and logical access control that is versatile and flexible enough to cope with your challenging business needs then the ID Bridge CL3000 will exceed your requirements. This smart card reader has a variety of uses and is suitable for physical and logical access control for retail and transit application, as well as e-banking transactions and loyalty programs. The IDBridge CL3000 smart card reader is also appropriate for businesses needing...
    50,- excl. btw
    60,50 incl.btw
    Voorraad 25
    Gemalto : IDBridge CT05 desktop stand voor IDBridge CT30
      Gemalto IDBridge CT05 desktop stand voor IDBridge CT30
    6,- excl. btw
    7,26 incl.btw
    Voorraad 25
    Gratis verzending
    Gemalto : IDBridge CT700 PINPAD reader
      A class 2 reader featuring a keypad and display, adding Secure PIN Entry (SPE) functionality to the Gemalto PC-Link readers range. Security and confidentiality IDBridge CT700 Reader provides a highly secure way to enhance your smart card-based application, by protecting the smart card PIN code from unauthorized access. The PIN code is entered locally and safely on the reader, and is thus never transmitted to the PC. This is especially relevant for corporate security, Internet commerce and...
    60,- excl. btw
    72,60 incl.btw
    Voorraad 25
    Gratis verzending
    Gemalto : IDBridge CT510 PC Express reader
      If you’re looking for a smart card reader / writer that is easy to install and use that offers a simple design and USB connectivity then look no further than the Gemalto PC Express compact smart card reader / writer. This ID Bridge CT510 smart card reader with its robust metal casing has been designed to plug into a standard ExpressCard 54 PC slot making it the ideal solution for business network security needs. Not only that but this smart card reader is compatible with a range of...
    45,- excl. btw
    54,45 incl.btw
    Voorraad 25
    Gratis verzending
    Citizen : thermisch transfer lint, wax/hars - 110mm
      Citizen biedt u een groot aantal soorten thermisch transfer lint in verschillende maten, om het beste uit uw Citizen label printer te halen. Breedte: 110 (mm).
    67,- excl. btw
    81,07 incl.btw
    Voorraad 84
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